Meet the Team


Barry Williams is a Doctor Who fan of longstanding. He has contributed to various anthologies, including Life During Wartime, published by Big Finish. He has also written for the BBC’s Shooting Stars and The Girly Comic, published by Factor Fiction Press, which is not what it sounds like.



Paul Ferry started off as a writer and comic-strip illustrator for fanzines such as FanMail, Brave New World and Sunday Frontios (with some of his work appearing in Paul Cornell’s License Denied) before moving into the high street with work for Doctor Who Magazine and TV Zone. He wrote the audio play Cocktails for Two for Sounds of Thunder. Paul hopes to launch a small press children’s book label Kipperback in the coming year.

Photograph by Tina Louise Barnes



Rupert Booth is a friendly and outgoing person who doesn’t hate the world and everything in it, honest. He thinks he a writer but most people think he’s an actor, largely in FMV games like Contradiction. He lives in London, owns a Tyrannosaurus Rex and hopes each time that his next leap will be the leap home.