Episode 40: Norwegian Wood

We continue our examination of the Paul McGann era, and his ongoing search for his father Ulysses, with his 4th (5th? 22nd?) episode ‘It Takes You Away’. Finally, we learn about what is canonical Norway, what constitutes too many Graces and how Raaks go on dates. We’ll be kissing William Shatner in the Aunty Zone, and that should get your Spidey senses tingling.


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This episode is based on the  2018 story It Takes You Away by Ed Hime originally starred the Thirteenth Doctor Jodi Whittaker, but has been Time Rammed to feature the Eighth Doctor Paul McGann.

The podcast is hosted by Rupert Booth, Paul Ferry and Barry Williams.

Original music composed and performed by Ben Jones

Zoom recordings by Barry Williams. Edited by Paul Ferry.





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