Episode 51: The Dominatrices

It’s Time Ram, the podcast where we do daft things like taking 60s story ‘The Dominators’ and reimagining it for the Christopher Eccleston era. In the process, we get to investigate where the Trods are, Dulcian costume design and legendary Doctor Who spin off ‘The Wahed problem’. So join us on the Island of Death! Or get your energy sucked in a football stadium. It’s all good.


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This episode is based on the  1968 serial The Dominators by ‘Norman Ashby’, which originally starred the Second Doctor Patrick Troughton, but has been Time Rammed to feature the Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston.

The podcast is hosted by Rupert Booth, Paul Ferry and Barry Williams.

Original music composed and performed by Ben Jones

Zoom recordings by Barry Williams. Edited by Barry Williams.




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