Episode 61: Carey Blyton’s Crumhorn

It’s time to put down your copy of The Gruffalo, and join Time Ram as we pit the first Doctor, William Hartnell, against the Silurians/Eocenes/Homo Reptilia/whatever they’re called this week in ‘The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood’! Also starring harder Barbara, screamin’ Susan and “good lord” Ian! Let’s send in the grass and determine if violence is, in fact, the way. Features additional Carey Blyton.


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This episode is based on the  2010 serial The Hungry Earth / Cold Blood by Chris Chibnall, which originally starred the Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith, but has been Time Rammed to feature the First Doctor William Hartnell.

The podcast is hosted by Rupert Booth, Paul Ferry and Barry Williams.

Original music composed and performed by Ben Jones

Zoom recordings by Barry Williams. Edited by Barry Williams.




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